Is IT holding back your operational goals?

Do you have in-house IT expertise? Can you deliver on your operational goals the way you would desire? Would an IT team that’s deep and wide help you execute?

When we talk to customers we like to tell them the reasons why our group of seasoned, dedicated, efficiency crazy, IT team are
better than one or two. Outsourcing IT has immense advantages and here is how Squeeze Technology does it:

  • We are a successful provider that shares the same zest and fun that most of our customers do – we don’t get overworked because we are a team with processes.
  • We generally are less costly than employees and certainly can provide better value.
  • We have a wide range of skillsets covering all the areas you are interested in (plus more) and are far superior than any single individual could be.
  • We can cover more ground, faster and for more hours than an individual, again because we are a team.
  • We run other similar size company’s IT in the across the USA and can provide references and draw on experience in terms of what works and doesn’t -this experience is fed from many locations and scenarios rather than just the current internal ideas an employed individual has exposure to.
  • We pool our knowledge and experience from all our customers – our experience comes together in the Squeeze Business Template that forms our latest thinking that we take to new people and bring older customer up to date on relentlessly.
  • We provide you a fixed price, predictable service – you will not be disappointed.

An IT operating platform designed to meet every business need and challenge.