Three Signs You Need New IT Support

How is your IT support doing? Are they answering your emails quickly? Are they frustrating to work with? Do they update you with project status or do they leaving you hanging? Are they helping with the expansion of your business? Here are three signs you may need new IT support.

1. Slow to Respond with Lack of Communication

Let’s face it – if you have one IT guy on the job, they’re going to be slow to respond to your needs as they try to work through their current projects and demands. They may not even respond to you because they’re too busy to troubleshoot your issues or get any projects done. Imagine your IT guy as the only person running a busy restaurant as the chef, host, server, cashier, clean-up, prep and kitchen staff. It’s impossible for them to meet each customer’s need quickly because they have so much going on.

Is your IT guy slow to respond to you? Squeeze Technology puts a whole team to create solutions for your business technology needs. Since our priority is to make sure your business expectations are met, we are quick to respond, troubleshoot, or help desk any issue. We will provide you with clear and simple communication on the status of your IT.

2. Patching Instead of Preventing

If you know you’re going to run into the same issue regardless of fixing it over and over again, wouldn’t it make sense to take preventive measures to make sure your IT runs smoothly? Your IT team should be working towards the prevention of technological issues from ever occurring rather than anticipating the next patch up to then rinse and repeat the cycle.

With Squeeze Technology as your IT team, you can be sure that we will implement current technologies with exceptional methods to have your business running smoothly without the fear of a technological threat to look forward to.

3. Technology Not Moving Forward With Your Business Expectations

As technology continues to change, your business will need to adapt to these new changes in order for your business to grow. Your IT support should be able to provide you with current and modern tech support to enable the continued growth of your business. If your IT support is deterring your business growth, it’s time to look for other means.

If any of these signs ring true to your business, it may be time to change your sub-par IT support to one that supports your business growth. Squeeze Technology has worked with with small to mid-size businesses around Southern California to bring their IT infrastructure current with business expectations.

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