Are You the Perfect IT Customer?

We are always striving to be the perfect IT services company, the best outsourced IT department you can possibly have. Fast to answer problems, always thinking 3 steps ahead, pre-empting what the customer needs. We know what we must do to keep your business.

Now there is no such thing as a perfect technology partner but you know, there is also no such thing as a perfect customer. Now we have some great customers, most in fact but it got thinking about what makes a customer great in our eyes and I put a list together of the things that make you a pleasure to work with and a relationship successful.

So what does it take to be the perfect IT customer?

  1. You have a reasonable IT budget – no it doesn’t mean you need the Rolls Royce of everything and a blank check, it means you understand that you have to pay for software licenses, removing single points of failure is not free, anti-virus is a good idea, XP is not in support and hasn’t been for a while and has to be replaced and most of all backups and DR cost money and whilst nothing has ever gone wrong, doesn’t mean it’s a predicator of the future
  2. You value IT as an enabler to your business – you appreciate that without IT you would go back to the stone age. Even if you don’t particular like progress or technology yourself and prefer a pen and pad the world has moved on and you know you need to keep up
  3. Productivity – you understand that if you give your team newer tools, faster connections and updated systems then they can work faster and be more productive as they aren’t twiddling their thumbs – this does cost money but it can be estimated quickly the savings from these improvements
  4. Trust – you trust your IT team and recommendations that they make – your IT team wants to do the very best for your business and has your best interests front and center, sometimes the cheapest quote isn’t the best for business quote.
  5. You and your employees don’t scream and shout at the IT team – yes we get that sometimes
  6. You understand that IT is a highly complex area with many moving parts involving hardware and software all written by humans with bugs and errors. When you put it all together, stuff breaks, fails and doesn’t always work as expected – its how your team deals with the issues when things do go wrong that counts.
  7. You enjoy what you do – we really do and its great when you do too  – together we are going to rock!