Hybrid Work

Don’t make a decision between the office or home – allow your team to enjoy the same secure, consistent experience wherever they are.

Whether your team are in the office, they work from home or it’s a mixture of the two we can provide you with the solutions you need. Utilizing Squeeze’s Next-Shift a lightweight, serverless and low impact modern workspace for your business. Leveraging Microsoft platforms and built around security first collaboration on any device – user centric and productivity focused.

We take care of everything from planning to implementation. And, of course, we’re here for continued support after launch.

  • Quick, easy to implement
  • Affordable per-user cost
  • Works with Microsoft applications
  • Secure and protected
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Increase productivity, collaboration

An IT team at your fingertips, anywhere.

Take the worry out of IT. Our US based support team has agents ready and happy to help, whether it’s a forgotten password or a server down. For larger projects, our specialized engineers will help you plan and execute your IT goals, all at no additional cost.