Disadvantages of Cloud Computing 

Our previous article ‘Advantages of Cloud Computing’ gave us very good insight into why cloud computing rocks. However, no great thing is truly perfect – here is our list of disadvantages when it comes to the cloud.

Dependency on network connection

If your internet connection is running slowly, you can expect it to affect your work as well. The cloud requires internet connection to work and if your internet is down… that’s bad new for you to do work. You’ll need constant internet connection to be able to connect to your data in order to work. Even though cloud vendors take precaution to ensure network uptime, the risk of connectivity reliability will still be prevalent.

“The Cloud is more secured” myth

Let’s face it – you’ll be accessing all your data through the internet. Nothing connected through the internet is completely and perfectly secured – you could face security breaches and potential hacking from unauthorized users. If an unauthorized user does gain access to your credentials, they may monitor your activities and influence data. You are more vulnerable to any potential attack.

Of course, your cloud vendors will monitor and regulate their security to take protective measures of your data at all times.


Although we previously mentioned cost as an advantage of cloud computing, it can also be a disadvantage. For a small to medium size business, cloud computing could be a lot cheaper to have than having in-house servers. However, if your business is very large such as on corporate level, the benefits of cloud computing dwindles as the cost skyrockets. Be sure to analyze the cost for both an in-house server and the cloud before making a decision for your business.


Whether or not you choose to go to the cloud, we believe that you should carefully assess your business with the potential benefits and repercussions. Our verdict? We believe that cloud computing paves a way for future technologies and is beneficial especially to small to medium sized businesses. Cloud computing sees a decrease of risks as technology advances forward.

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