Big Data Reporting and Intelligence

Leap into Big Data with Data-Shift

Visualize your company in new ways and garner insights into how it runs.

Utilize the latest tools in Microsoft Azure to answer key questions, and get the answers to the people at your company who need them.

  • Could we load our trucks more efficiently?
  • What are the effects of our customer loyalty program?
  • Could we make our services and products more profitable?
  • What are our customers searching for, and how good are we at providing it?

We can work with you to consolidate your data and find the right questions to ask.

Our business consultants will help you pull data from any of your repositories across your business and bring them together in Azure Data Lake and help identify the important trends, analysis and solutions. 

For executives and business decision makers, the process and information is transformative.

An IT team at your fingertips, anywhere.

Take the worry out of IT. Our US based support team has agents ready and happy to help, whether it’s a forgotten password or a server down. For larger projects, our specialized engineers will help you plan and execute your IT goals, all at no additional cost.